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Bedbug Control

Bedbugs are pests that thrive around human dwellings. They live only on human blood for survival. They have received their name from itís close association with human bedding.

Rodent Control

Rats and mice are among the most widespread and cunning of the animals that live on man for their food and shelter. Because of this dependency they can sometimes be found even in the best kept premises.

Cockroaches Control

Cockroaches live in a wide range of environments around the world. Pest species of cockroaches adapt readily to a variety of environments, but prefer warm conditions found within buildings.

Mosquito & House Fly Control

Mosquitoes apart from causing nuisance to making pay a major role in the transmission of more human diseases than any other arthropods.

Wood Bore & Termite Control

Wood Borers are insects which damage timber by tunneling during the grub stage for food, or leaving a flight hole on the surface of the wood after becoming

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