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Insect Killer Services is the Fastest Growing Pest Control Company in the Rajasthan region. We are a force in the pest control industry. Through advances in IPM, new safer technologies, Herbal technologies and continued research and development along with our friends, like Cockroaches to name a few. Our vision is to be at the forefront of any new and innovative treatment that will insure happy and healthy middle Tennessee residents.

We are pleased and privileged to offer our services for the same. We would like to take this opportunity to detail our core competence, and our corporate philosophy which we hope would assist you in evaluating your best option for Pest Management at your premises.

As you may aware, Insect killer services utilizes the latest international techniques of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) which is a first for any company in India, IPM is a systems approach that combines preventive techniques, non-chemical pest control methodology and the wise use of pesticides with preference for products that are the least harmful to human health and the environment.

It is not the total elimination of pesticides but an alternate approach to traditional methods. Complete reliance, in the past, on pesticides alone allowed certain pests to develop resistance, created potential human exposure to harmful chemicals, produced unsound environmental contamination and created a threat to non-target species. Our anti-cockroach solution, is 100% non-toxic (certification enclosed) for humans but is lethal for our target - the cockroach, It is non-spray formulation which can be applied with absolutely no disruption to a running kitchen.

IKS is totally committed (like itís clientele) towards total quality service. Our corporate mission is not only to meet but exceed our customerís expectations. We are gratified by the responses of demanding customers in the hospitality trade who have made us a force to reckon with in a very short period of time and we look forward to adding your name to the same and a long lasting and mutually satisfactory relationship with you. We would welcome any further queries that you may have.
In order to prove effectiveness of our non-toxic herbal paste in the kitchen area we are prepared to give free demonstration.
Very Warm Regards,

Gaurav Arora (B.D.M)

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